flying hearts

Yes, I had to look up “squeed” in the Urban Dictionary.

bad idea

I just don’t see the pay off.

kraft macaroni? velveeta?

I am in total agreement — except for the cheese part.

I didn’t even post the video, it was that bad.

throw me a bone

So… scan them at the register? Give me something to work with, here. Anything.

glowing icons

It just so happens that Lisa Kudrow isn’t the only¬†phosphorescent celebrity these days.

turn around bright eyes

Really? Because all I can see is glittery makeup. Call me crazy.

live, drive, or die

I really shouldn’t expect any more (or less) from the Urban Dictionary. I really shouldn’t.


explosive surgery?

Nope. Just your standard leakage problems.

learn braille

Get a move on. You’ve got a life of reading ahead of you.


It is sad that we need Facebook groups to point this out.