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wasn’t there a movie about that?

Please stop using literature as an excuse to misuse the word “literally.” Please, I’m begging you.

live lesson, literally

And after forming it in the dust, God breathed life into that classroom lesson.

say WHAT?

Don’t let the name fool you. Apart from their tragic choice of words, this anti-drug organization seems to be doing a good thing for children.

“i want YOU to join teacher boot camp”

Minus the giant wall, the tires, the rope ladders and hoarse drill sergeant.

hear the outcry

Kids these days have it easy. When I was in school we were given literally wagon loads of homework.

it was a llama, for reals

When writing about education, it’s always best to add a good “literally” to help the flow.

brought to you by the color green

I think what they are trying to communicate is that the abstract concept “green” developed a consciousness and began governing at a popular university.

literally alive

I think they meant “literately.” The sad thing is that this is a classic literature organization.  In their defense they look like they’re doing something great. Check them out:

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