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learn braille

Get a move on. You’ve got a life of reading ahead of you.


It is sad that we need Facebook groups to point this out.

cut the cord, already

I was going to save this one for Mother’s Day but then I thought better of it.

i wasn’t using it, anyway

For this post I think it’s best we consult Wikipedia, just in case. I’d hate to be wrong about something like this. ¬†

Awesome. So unless I’m a monster and he defeats I’m OK.

i can has fan page

Maybe there is such a thing as having too much I Can Has Cheezburger in your life.



I get it. You laughed out loud. You don’t need to tell me “literally.” If you didn’t laugh out loud, don’t type “LOL” for Pete’s sake!

Yes, yes, that last profile picture was clever.

In fact, don’t type “LOL” ever. I don’t care how cute the cat is in the profile picture. “LOL” doesn’t mean “Laughing Out Loud” anymore. It just means “eloel” and that is the saddest thing since breakfast.

are you sure?

Another example of when quotation marks confuse things.

Aaaaand another one.

literally comma everything

Here’s an icepack to help you with your homework, kid.

coffee to die for

I realize today is Tuesday. And generally, we complain about things on Mondays. We learned this from Garfield. But let’s be honest. Tuesdays are just as bad. And if ever there was a day that we needed a pick me up, today would be it. So let’s talk about coffee, shall we?


Most people?

I’m not hating, but this coffee is not to die for. It’s more of a to-get-used-to-because-this-is-what-the-office-is-buying-for-us-office-gerbils.

*Gasp!* Traitor! And with diet…. Oh Shadow. Our chance of friendship is not looking good.

And if the sun doesn’t rise for you, it sure isn’t going to rise for us. GET THE WOMAN SOME COFFEE!

Thank goodness we have celebrities. She should go on NBC and make a The More You Know segment.

But seriously, folks. We don’t die without coffee. But these people —

— help Zambians live better when YOU buy coffee. Interested?

There you go. Pretty cool, huh?

music is like oxygen

Except that it’s not.

You sad, sad teenagers.

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