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SO glad this is a resolved question.

nole fans

I don’t have anything snappy to say, but I do think it’s funny that three of the fans who responded were misusers. I wasn’t expecting it.

coffee to die for

I realize today is Tuesday. And generally, we complain about things on Mondays. We learned this from Garfield. But let’s be honest. Tuesdays are just as bad. And if ever there was a day that we needed a pick me up, today would be it. So let’s talk about coffee, shall we?


Most people?

I’m not hating, but this coffee is not to die for. It’s more of a to-get-used-to-because-this-is-what-the-office-is-buying-for-us-office-gerbils.

*Gasp!* Traitor! And with diet…. Oh Shadow. Our chance of friendship is not looking good.

And if the sun doesn’t rise for you, it sure isn’t going to rise for us. GET THE WOMAN SOME COFFEE!

Thank goodness we have celebrities. She should go on NBC and make a The More You Know segment.

But seriously, folks. We don’t die without coffee. But these people —

— help Zambians live better when YOU buy coffee. Interested?

There you go. Pretty cool, huh?

p.s. christmas is canceled

First you tell me there is no Easter Bunny, and now you tell me the Easter Bunny is made up of two adults who I am supposed to trust. You… you MONSTER!

start with a dictionary


call the guidance counselor

We can rest easy knowing kids these days don’t know how to properly use the word “literally.” At least, I hope we can.

the biggest player

She comments on his weight.

That’s all I’ve got — goodnight.

from the grave

You had us at “literally”… the question mark is just the icing on the cake (figurative icing).

deep questions

I’m surprised no one’s sent this guy an answer yet. ¬†And yet, not surprised.

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