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flying hearts

Yes, I had to look up “squeed” in the Urban Dictionary.

smörgåsbord cookies

I’m going to add jet skis to mine! There is just no way I’m going to the store for butter…

flying students

And boy, were their arms tired! A-hyuck, hyuck.


scream your head off and fall apart

“Literally” is a sneaky word. When you try to sound cool, it usually gets the upper hand and makes you sound like an idiot. Leave “literally” alone, guys. Leave it alone.

pickles everywhere

Nope and nope. But I do love me some homemade pickles! Mm-mm!

Exactly. You spent a week making pickles, not being in them (thank goodness).

Because a pickle isn’t just a pickle sometimes.

i am a verb

I am a sweep-the-floor. I am a change-the-diaper. I am a drink-the-water. Or better yet, I am a sit-at-the-computer-and-make-fun-of-you.

i am melting

I wish I wasn’t drinking coffee right now. Blech! Thanks for the mental image. Those cute, cuddly kittens seem out of place with this blog post.

c is for cookie

No, you didn’t.

Hee hee.

nope, just figuratively

But man, those flowers are cool.

we’ve all broken a few hearts in our day

But not literally. I hope.

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