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bad idea

I just don’t see the pay off.

remote control airplanes, maybe

Sounds worse than school shopping for Hogwarts.

attention all words!

I’m no artist, but if I was I have no idea how I would accomplish this literally.

you stay classy

Aw snap! A picture of Ron Burgundy means an immediate pardon for this misuser.  I’ll get you next time!

holding an abstract idea in the palm of your hand

With these guys, NOTHING is impossible.

secret ingredient: tnt

It almost sounds too good to be true!

now that’s fast service

We suggest letting these babies cool off before heating up the dance floor.

one of life’s many unanswered questions

Well, Steve (mind if I call you Steve?), I would have to say yes. Probably. It depends on your ability to be repetitively redundant, though.

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