Category Archives: it’s ALIVE!

wasn’t there a movie about that?

Please stop using literature as an excuse to misuse the word “literally.” Please, I’m begging you.

live lesson, literally

And after forming it in the dust, God breathed life into that classroom lesson.

new kind of resurrection

Is there a word for that?

monster cookie books

Or is that Cookie Monster books? Oh I just don’t know. I’m so confused all the time. I blame misusers.

kickin’ culture

This gives me a mental picture of something trapped in a box. Kinda opposite of the feel he’s going for…

growth spurt

Let me add a little context in here to help make sense of all this. The article is about women’s basketball. Oh, it still doesn’t make sense? Go figure.

history bush

No. It does not.

land of make-believe

That is literally a cookie with icing that looks like eyeballs. A delicious cookie with eyeball icing…

watch as these things/places LITERALLY spring to life

Anyone else’s skin crawling?

it’s ALIVE!

Frankenstein, anyone?

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