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smokin’ hot bridesmaids

These ladies are ON FIRE!

your friendly weekly weather forecast

This is a very accurate forecast for Texas in April. Or May, June, July, August, September…

i can has fan page

Maybe there is such a thing as having too much I Can Has Cheezburger in your life.

ex wives from hell

I have no idea what this little snippet from the internet was about, but I like it. It makes one wonder, “Why would a man marry a woman from hell? Did he file for divorce after learning that she was, in fact, from the netherworld? Did she simply change residency when all was said and done?”  Questions, questions.

from sinner to holy man

How do you get holy water? BOIL THE HELL OUTTA IT!   *Rolls eyes*

highway to hell

As much as I hate the misuse of the word “literally,” what gets me even more are the geniuses who use “your” instead of “you’re.”

“Your gonna get it when you’re mom finds out!”

Anyone else ready to scream?



these clients are on fire



I’d consider a new line of work if I were them.

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