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literally the best

I haven’t read it, either. But I should.

If you haven’t heard me say it before, I’ll say it again: I’m am terrified of grammar geniuses. I don’t want to open my mouth around them and I certainly never want to write them a letter! I am not worthy! Don’t judge me!

I bought my mom I Judge You When You Use Poor Grammar by Sharon Eliza Nichols and I’m afraid to read it. I don’t want to know how awful I’ve become.

Happy Anniversary to my mom and dad! My mom is a grammar genius. I do not even play Scrabble with her. 🙂


Hee hee. I want to follow that link and turn into an English speaking zombie! Wait for me!

i love the muppets

What more can I say?

Happy Monday!

vacuums and straws, too

I am becoming more and more convinced that maybe there is a fan page for literally everything.


It figuratively stinks when statements like these are true.

Collinsville, I have driven through many a town like you.

surprisingly literal

Courtesy of my mom, who knows way more about this grammar stuff than I ever will.

P.S. Happy Birthday, Dad!

stabbed my heart

Nicely done. Fancy, schmancy.

teach ’em young

Bill Cosby, eat your heart out! (Not literally)

if only…

I love this.

not a drug site

It’s OK, kids — “ass” is just another name for “donkey.” And it IS literal, so Win-Win!

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