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glowing icons

It just so happens that Lisa Kudrow isn’t the only phosphorescent celebrity these days.

turn around bright eyes

Really? Because all I can see is glittery makeup. Call me crazy.

explosive surgery?

Nope. Just your standard leakage problems.

beefy arms

Oh yeah. Bulging veins on an aging actor. Sexy!

Only not.

coffee to die for

I realize today is Tuesday. And generally, we complain about things on Mondays. We learned this from Garfield. But let’s be honest. Tuesdays are just as bad. And if ever there was a day that we needed a pick me up, today would be it. So let’s talk about coffee, shall we?


Most people?

I’m not hating, but this coffee is not to die for. It’s more of a to-get-used-to-because-this-is-what-the-office-is-buying-for-us-office-gerbils.

*Gasp!* Traitor! And with diet…. Oh Shadow. Our chance of friendship is not looking good.

And if the sun doesn’t rise for you, it sure isn’t going to rise for us. GET THE WOMAN SOME COFFEE!

Thank goodness we have celebrities. She should go on NBC and make a The More You Know segment.

But seriously, folks. We don’t die without coffee. But these people —

— help Zambians live better when YOU buy coffee. Interested?

There you go. Pretty cool, huh?

ah, sweet romance

Ok, crazy.

now that’s dedication

Geez, and some actors think it’s a big deal to gain weight for a role!

porta-potty = potty mouth. duh!

I don’t even see how he’s figuratively a potty mouth (according to this article, anyway).

and the gold goes to…

I didn’t even know he was competing. And in every event! He’s like superman.

frankenbunny: half man, half jammies

Clothes make the man. Literally.

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