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mein kampf?

Maybe I was wrong before. Maybe there is a fan page for literally everything.

i can has teh literal?

I want to make fun of this, but I keep chuckling.  Oh well.  GO CATS!


Oh Facebook. What would I do without you?

and the gold goes to…

I didn’t even know he was competing. And in every event! He’s like superman.

say WHAT?

Don’t let the name fool you. Apart from their tragic choice of words, this anti-drug organization seems to be doing a good thing for children.

wait, what?

Anyone else confused?

from the grave

You had us at “literally”… the question mark is just the icing on the cake (figurative icing).

these clients are on fire



I’d consider a new line of work if I were them.

he has a point

Taking over every coffee table and bookshelf… one Christmas at a time.

if the mustache fits

Wait a second — he doesn’t have a mustache in the second picture! I smell propaganda.

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