Monthly Archives: February 2010

the finite frontier

Literally everything besides the rest of this universe and beyond.

the greens

The question mark is an appropriate picture for this fan page.

deadly boots

Too bad you are in college AND YOU ARE NOW DEAD.

i think the point is to not get lost

Literally get lost in a maze that looks like Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner, you mean.

but what about eclipse?

Emergency recast!

music = life

Because that makes sense.

trust him, he’s an expert

Who died and made this guy the final authority on which pub is the best and worst?

stone heart

I imagine a zombie whose love was spurned could feel this.

hey get those eyeballs checked out while you’re at it

And a doctor appointment literally looks like…?

holding an abstract idea in the palm of your hand

With these guys, NOTHING is impossible.

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