Monthly Archives: March 2010

crime got what was coming to him

Next headline: “Crime sues K9 Unit for police brutality.” ¬†Seriously, now. The dog was taking a bite out of the police force. ¬†It had nothing to do with crime except for committing one.


NOOOOOO! Literal or not, this should not be encouraged. And just when I thought there was NOTHING more infuriating than an “LOL” thrown at me.

he/she/it summer

Your life is worth more than that. Let somebody else die for he summer.

needed: sock glue

Always a good idea to hold on to those socks while eating burgers.

Everything? Really?

Minus murder, crime, bitterness, cutting in line, unpaid parking tickets and things like that. So… not literally.

start with a dictionary


role models

And by “smoking” you mean “hot,” and by “literally” you mean “I don’t know what I’m talking about.”

sound logic

So then we DO know where they are hiding! Heck, and all this time we were checking caves in the desert.

biggest waste of ink EVER

Copycats are the WORST.


Oh Facebook. What would I do without you?

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