Monthly Archives: April 2010

lufthansa letter

All thanks goes to Jessica for this gem.  She says, “This is the letter Lufthansa Airlines wrote to Gray Powell, the infamous Apple engineer who left his 4G iPhone in a German bar in Silicon Valley. The misused ‘literally’ is in the second sentence of the second paragraph.”

Hey Nicola, I lost a phone, too!

cookies in the white house

Despite the convincing SNL skits in the 90’s, there was no actual cookie jar. You’ll just have to take my word on it.

all the king’s horses

Said Humpty Dumpty as he fell off the wall.

are you made of wax?

Are you an M&M? The Wicked Witch of the West? A snowman? I must know!

duck headquarters

I can’t stop chuckling. I picture little ducks waddling around taking phone calls and setting up their embassy at an inn while vacationers look on helplessly and wait for them to leave.

nearly back from the dead

So close to a miracle.  So close.

slow learner

At least you didn’t literally play by ear. That’s what we were all expecting.

earthquake service

Hide in a doorway or open alley! Every man for himself!

laser eyes

In the words of my husband, “Gross!”

happy easter

Dead or alive, I like the tiny gun one of the eggs is holding.

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