Monthly Archives: March 2011


It is sad that we need Facebook groups to point this out.

from one problem to another

Time to play Would You Rather!

smokin’ hot bridesmaids

These ladies are ON FIRE!

your friendly weekly weather forecast

This is a very accurate forecast for Texas in April. Or May, June, July, August, September…

smörgåsbord cookies

I’m going to add jet skis to mine! There is just no way I’m going to the store for butter…


SO glad this is a resolved question.

cut the cord, already

I was going to save this one for Mother’s Day but then I thought better of it.

beefy arms

Oh yeah. Bulging veins on an aging actor. Sexy!

Only not.

it’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s…

Soaring Prices…

Soaring rates…

Soaring potentials…

Soaring product…

Yawn. These misuses are putting me to sleep. To wake up I’m going to run around with my two year old, make a vvvvvvrrrrrrr noise and be a human airplane.

Ding ding ding! The quotations weren’t necessary,

not a sweater

I don’t think this guy quite understands the World Wide “InterWeb”… but that has got to be the cutest dead bird I have ever seen.

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