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learn braille

Get a move on. You’ve got a life of reading ahead of you.


It is sad that we need Facebook groups to point this out.

cut the cord, already

I was going to save this one for Mother’s Day but then I thought better of it.

are you sure?

Another example of when quotation marks confuse things.

Aaaaand another one.

vacuums and straws, too

I am becoming more and more convinced that maybe there is a fan page for literally everything.

free koolaid

I always find Facebook event invitations so awkward to deal with. This one is no exception.

might cause permanent damage

One of the many times I hope this is an exaggeration.

he/she/it summer

Your life is worth more than that. Let somebody else die for he summer.

the source of life. google.

This website would figuratively die without Google.

oh holy potty training

Nothing holy about it.

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