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flying hearts

Yes, I had to look up “squeed” in the Urban Dictionary.

kraft macaroni? velveeta?

I am in total agreement — except for the cheese part.

I didn’t even post the video, it was that bad.

on the run

Stop! Get back here! Don’t make me count to three…


We’ve now come to the part in the movie where the Super Computer has already developed a consciousness, created an evil plan to free the planet from the destructive humans, and, just as the plug is about to be pulled, has learned to love.


We must destroy Twitter before it destroys us!

But seriously, folks. Follow me on Twitter.

i wasn’t using it, anyway

For this post I think it’s best we consult Wikipedia, just in case. I’d hate to be wrong about something like this.  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Soma_Cruz

Awesome. So unless I’m a monster and he defeats I’m OK.

fatty cake, fatty cake, baker’s man

If I was fat I would be offended. (Wait, I’m pregnant, so I guess I am – SOO offended!)

Anyway, back to business. Yeah. Nothing to do with taking a cake. Now who’s making fun of who, big guy? Oh wait, we’re mocking the writer. Dang it! Your pants are too tight, old man.

nole fans

I don’t have anything snappy to say, but I do think it’s funny that three of the fans who responded were misusers. I wasn’t expecting it.

i can has fan page

Maybe there is such a thing as having too much I Can Has Cheezburger in your life.

flying students

And boy, were their arms tired! A-hyuck, hyuck.


literally the best

I haven’t read it, either. But I should.

If you haven’t heard me say it before, I’ll say it again: I’m am terrified of grammar geniuses. I don’t want to open my mouth around them and I certainly never want to write them a letter! I am not worthy! Don’t judge me!

I bought my mom I Judge You When You Use Poor Grammar by Sharon Eliza Nichols and I’m afraid to read it. I don’t want to know how awful I’ve become.

Happy Anniversary to my mom and dad! My mom is a grammar genius. I do not even play Scrabble with her. 🙂

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