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kraft macaroni? velveeta?

I am in total agreement — except for the cheese part.

I didn’t even post the video, it was that bad.

turn around bright eyes

Really? Because all I can see is glittery makeup. Call me crazy.

live, drive, or die

I really shouldn’t expect any more (or less) from the Urban Dictionary. I really shouldn’t.


explosive surgery?

Nope. Just your standard leakage problems.

learn braille

Get a move on. You’ve got a life of reading ahead of you.

from one problem to another

Time to play Would You Rather!

smokin’ hot bridesmaids

These ladies are ON FIRE!

your friendly weekly weather forecast

This is a very accurate forecast for Texas in April. Or May, June, July, August, September…

smörgåsbord cookies

I’m going to add jet skis to mine! There is just no way I’m going to the store for butter…


SO glad this is a resolved question.

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